Friday, 11 February 2011

Busy Busy Busy

As is pretty self-evident, I haven't posted anything for the last few days. This is not because the yoghurt was so monumentally, overawingly exciting that I had to lay down in a darkened room before my next project (although, blimey, it was bloody terrific), but because it's awfully busy being me, sometimes.

I mean, you may think you have a hectic life, but right now, these are just some of the things on my 'To Do' list. I have to prioritise them otherwise I don't know where I'd be:

Short term:
  • Finish this can of Shandy Bass (we had a bit of a retro moment in Sainsbury's last week. To save you your own 49p, it's not as good as it was when you were ten. Don't bother).
  • Remover tht cat from teh kuyboard,
Medium term
  • Crochet Boba Fett amigurumi doll.
  • Become so pleased with Boba Fett doll that I have to immediately start on the rest of the Star Wars characters.
  • Make matching shopping bag, make up bag and coin purse out of newly acquired canvas and dinosaur fabric (really quite excited about this one. My mum always said that proper ladies have coordinated bags and purses. I can't wait to be a proper lady. I wonder what it's like? I've got a Cath Kidston biscuit tin now so I'm already nearly there. I bet it's brilliant.)
  • Tomorrow morning - check to see whether yoghurt draining in fridge has successfully turned into soft cheese.
  • Make scones out of whey from yoghurt/cheese creation.
  • Investigate making halloumi with newly acquired bottle of rennet.
  • Finish reading Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter
Long Term
  • Make a LOT of bunting for wedding reception.
  • Get married.
  • Knit second elbow-length batgirl glove to go with the one I finished in November then got bored with.
  • Polish the stair rods, tumble dry our doilies, hoover the roof and whistle down the chimneys.
Having looked at the above:
  • Get out more.
See? You thought you had problems.

Although to prove how ultra-efficient I am, I've just completed both of my short-term goals in the time it took to type the rest. I should be a life coach.

I plan to start on some of the others tomorrow. Right now, I'm all crafted-out. I'm off to watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding with the cats. Don't judge me.

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