Friday, 3 February 2012

Free Stuff! Get your free stuff here!

You too could win a purse like this. For no monies.
It's exciting times here at Lemur Towers (I don't live in a tower. Although that would be cool. But 'Lemur Terraced Flat' doesn't have the same ring to it). A whole FIVE HUNDRED people have been impressed/dazzled/confused/button happy enough to click 'like' on my Lemur Lady Facebook page.

That's half a thousand. And they can't all have been mistakes. I'm grateful and humbled and, if I'm honest, a bit overwhelmed.

To celebrate, as promised, I would like to give all my lovely Facebook stalkers  fans the chance to win a free bit of Lemur Lady magic for their very own. Oh yeah.

The winner gets a padded phone case or fabric wallet of their choice. Either from my stock (which will be refilled over the weekend), or a custom one made up with the fabric of your choice.*

The competition is inspired by a conversation the Significant Otter and I had earlier this week:

SO: Look! A blacksmith course. You know I've always wanted to be a blacksmith.
LL: Yeah. Although if you were a blacksmith we'd have to move to the country. You can't have a forge in a South London flat. Especially on the first floor.
SO: I could forge gateposts and sculptures for the rich people in Dulwich.
LL: No. We're moving to the country. You're going to be a blacksmith and I'm going to sew things all day in the sewing room that you will make me. Out of iron.
SO: I'm not sure you can build a room out of....
LL: Also, you will build me a library. Bitches love libraries.
SO: ............

So. To be in with a chance of winning both a handy phone case or wallet and the eternal admiration and respect of your friends and peers, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post answering the following question: 'What do you want to be when you grow up?'. Entries will close at 10am on Monday 6th Feb, at which time I will put all your names in a hat and let Doug the cat choose one to eat. Or maybe just use a random number generator. I haven't worked that out yet. But it will be fair.

*Terms and conditions apply: Fabric of choice restricted to quilting cottons that I can actually source - no platinum thread, linen woven on the thighs of virgins in the Tibetan foothills, or spider silk.


  1. I'd like to be creative when I grow up, handy with my hands :-) xx Caroline Burfoot xx

  2. Spiderman.

    And I'd like to be able to remember how to put my identity on a reply on this page!

    (It's Caroline, btw!)

  3. I want to be...a tree... or failing that be able to craft at home all day while my OH works alongside me as an Indie Games developer making lots of awesome games like the one he is making now. x

  4. after 39.5 years, i finally figured it out!
    i want to sit in my pyjamas & listen to music while i draw and make silly things - like i did when i was 4 - but i want people to pay me to do that! *dream*

  5. I never ever want to grow up! X

  6. I want to be an archeologist so I can discover secrets of worlds past!!
    Hannah Miller

  7. I want to be a Disney Princess........damn now the world knows!!!!! And figure out how to blog and leave blog comments obviously, only took me 20 minutes!!!! Lol. (it's Louise here, reinvented craft geek)

  8. I want to be an Astro Physicist and not just coz I want to tap Prof Cox, or I want to have a job where I Google shiz for people.

  9. I want to be Peter Pan so I never have to grow up lol :oP nah when (and if I ever) grow up I want to be happy & content in the fact that I'll have lived my life as best I could :o) @KokokelliWomble

  10. I want to be a zombie. A very modern zombie. You know how we have vegans and vegetarians? I'd be like that, in that I'd only eat the brains of politicians, militant lollipop men and postmen who never arrive before 3 in the afternoon. People we all want to see eaten. I'd have to take dietry supplements of course, because there's little nutrition in such meals, but it would be acceptable in the cause of the modern zombie collective. I would also wear stylish clothes, as I'd no doubt be a lot thinner than I am now so would look dashing in a mini skirt and high heels.

  11. I want to be a crazy cat lady when I grow up!!

  12. I'd like to be Chief Recipe Tester for Good Food magazine. I'd spend all day cooking and eating lovely things but as it's my dream job I wouldn't out on an ounce!

  13. I want to be Derek Jacobi when I grow up.

  14. I want to be married to Bruce Springsteen when I grow up. I got grade three violin at school, so I'm sure I could be just as good as Patti, given time. Which of course I have plenty of, given that I've yet to grow up. (This is Caroline Durant, by the way)

  15. I want to be a fireman. And a fish. And an astronaut. And an OCTOPUS. And an Artist. And someone that helps other people. And a record player, that would be cool. Someone chooses what you play and sets you back to the start when you're done. And cleans the fluff off you so you sound the Best you Can.

    Or just someone who loves, and is loved. And can eat ice-cream sometimes, and go to the beach on naughty mid-week days off when everyone else is working....

  16. I want to be a librarian :O I love my books .... can you ask the SO to make ME a library from iron? But a schmancy one ... that no big ol' orcs can get in ...

    Katie x

  17. When I grow up I want to be a laxative so I can make everyone I hate shit themselves uncontrolably :o) heheheh xXx