Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I am too extremely very busy.

This is a holding message. I am the busiest person in the world at the moment and consequently the worst blogger. Normal service (i.e. sporadic but not completely non-existent) will be resumed as soon as my friends stop all getting married and I stop all being in plays and all going to meetings and all hoovering the sofa (which takes up a great deal of my time due to the fact that my cats have taken the slight increase in ambient temperature in Southern England very seriously and turned into dandelion clocks who can seemingly release a cloud of fluff at will like some sort of defence mechanism, sort of how a lizard sheds its tail when you pull it).

In the meantime, you could do worse than popping over to the slightly-mad-in-a-good-way Fiona T's blog Words From Fiona's Brain for your fix of blogginess. She has recently baked scones AND catalogued her socks. Just make sure you pop back here to calm down when the excitement has become too much for you.

If you're in need of a quicker hit of internet smack, here is a picture of Doug being a retard.

We worry, but the vet says he's normal.

Or if you're really bored you could even go and buy something over at the Lemur Lady shop. Like this cute mirror with frogs on....

Two of these are princes. The others haven't been kissed yet.

Back soon (ish).


  1. I would like it to be noted that the picture of Doug is the correct way up... He chose to "sit" like this... A few minutes later without changing position he stuck out both front paws and pretended to be Superman for about ten minutes straight...

  2. Haha! Doug is adorable! My cat is terrible at the minute you stroke her and your instantly covered in hair and shes a long haired aswell so twice as bad lol

  3. My cats have decided to lick carrier bags of late o_O

  4. Perhaps we should start some sort of support group for 'challenged' felines...