Friday, 22 February 2013

Bear with...

It's been a bit slow going today at Lemur Towers, on account of how earlier this week, this occured:

See how brave zombie lemur tried to call for help by waving his little arms...
This is right above my sewing desk, and luckily didn't happen while I was in there as I would have been buried to death under All The Boardgames in The World. Which would have been humiliating to put on my tombstone.

Luckily, Significant Otter was there to tidy up the immediate aftermath of Shelfgeddon, which involved picking up, among other things: 5,634,579 playing tokens from various games, all the Trivial Pursuit cards, several chess pieces and a 'Make Your Own Morph Out Of Plasticine' kit. Even more luckily, Banana the Bernina was unscathed as the shelf itself created a ski ramp for all the Cluedo counters to whizz over the top of the desk and straight into the cats' bowls on the other side of the room, with spectacular results.

On closer inspection this morning, though, it appeared that the the shelf contents had brought with them a Sahara's worth of accumulated dust, which took an AGE to wipe up, and something surprisingly heavy (possibly a Monopoly Iron, travelling at critical velocity?), has gouged a sizeable dent right in the middle of my cutting table. Which is highly annoying.

Still. I think I'm back in the game now (pun unintended - too soon), and ready to start stitching again. Might just take all the stuff off that shelf underneath first, to be on the safe side....


  1. i'm extremely concerned because i just hung one of these well known swedish retailer shelves last sunday.

    do you think it was the weight of the dust that proved too much? if so, i fear for my own shelf

  2. I fear that may have been wot dun it. Although to be fair the shelves were already there when we moved in years ago and they were a bit shoddy then. The screws have left some seriously impressive holes in the wall. I'm sure you were much more professional in your shelvage-hanging approach (and also aren't storing 7343458 boxes of board games on yours).

  3. Sympathy... Have experienced Shelf Disasters at first hand. It was all down to not paying attention to the Loading Limit, which was told to me by that Swedish shop, in the shelf instructions... Big disaster ensued... could have been fatal (especially for the cat!):

    You could maybe try different shelf fixings - perhaps the ones you used are not quite right for the type of wall? Or maybe there were too many secret sweeties hiding up there, under all of the dust?
    Hope it's sorted out soon - glad nobody got hurt.

  4. You will be very relieved to hear that monopoly are removing the iron from their games, I hadn't realised it was because of health and safety but thank goodness you weren't resting your head on your cutting mat at the time of the incident!

  5. Crikey, Lizzie, your Great Studio Disaster definitely makes mine look like a mere flicker on the Richter scale! You're right, I don't think the fixings were the right sort, but since it wasn't us that put them up we didn't know that until disaster struck.

    Lilipopo - well, quite. That must be why they're removing it - clearly it is far too vicious a projectile. Hopefully they will replace it with a marshmallow.