Monday, 2 July 2012

This is why I'm skint

Conversation between me and Significant Otter, who doesn't understand finances.

ME: I have totally screwed up my money this month. You know when we bought the car? I put a £500 deposit down and they were supposed to refund it to my credit card. Turns out they didn't, they refunded it to my bank account.

SO: Well, that's OK, isn't it? You can just pay off the card from the bank account.
This is actually why I'm poor

ME: No, I can't. Because I didn't know that they had put it into my account so I spent it all already.

SO: £500? You had £500 go into your account and you didn't realise? What did you spend it on?

ME: Um. Tattoos, fast cars and gin.

SO: You're not even joking, are you?

ME: Nope. The car's not that fast though. So, the upshot is that I am now £500 poorer than I thought I was but it's OK because the car was a joint purchase so you owe me half of that, which is £250. When can I have the £250 you owe me?

SO: What? But they gave the money back. You never actually lost that money.

ME: But I didn't know I had it. So it's the same thing. So you owe me half of it because it's your car too. I can't believe you'd be so mean. I can't pay for everything in this relationship.

SO: This is how the banking crisis happened.

(On the up side, my new tattoo is amazeballs. I will gaze lovingly at it while I am eating dust bunnies till next payday).


  1. I can stand you a couple of tins of beans....

    Significant Otters do tend to have a problem with finances. They just don't have the right sort of logic to cope with it.
    Never mind, you have a fabby new tattoo to gaze lovingly at, while eating dust bunnies, til payday...

  2. Thank you for the support. Yes, for some reason he just doesn't get it. Sigh.

  3. Also, he DID drink some of the gin. So he definitely owes me money.

  4. Oh noes!! But hey, you have awesome tattoo and gin, could be worse!

  5. But I bought the gin in the first place!