Monday, 19 March 2012

Pendants' Corner

Crafty Pirate Pendant

When I first started making and selling my creations, I had a carrier bag full of fabric. This soon spread into a storage box. And another. And another. I'm reaching critical fabric mass now at home and soon will have to actually deal with this - possibly by tidying and filing it all away neatly, or perhaps just with the use of a lot of binbags and a massive tantrum, I haven't decided yet. 

Space Invader Pendant
One box that causes me great consternation is my Scraps Box. Any offcuts that measure above a couple of inches but below the size of a coin purse get stuffed into an old Star Wars shoebox, where they remain, trapped in the dark, for ever. I have vague ideas of some magnificent patchwork project, although the only way this might happen would be if I was suddenly transported into a parallel universe where there were 72 hours in every day.

So it is with great joy and pride that I am able to announce that I have finally found a useful way to bring some of these forgotten pieces of fabric back out into the light and let them take centre stage in my new range of pendant jewellery.

Just look at his boggly eyes...
I've scoured my stash to find the cutest, tiniest, prettiest, and coolest little snippets of designs and placed them in copper-tone bezels, covered with a crystal clear piece of resin to preserve their loveliness. Carrying on the fabric theme, they come complete with a coloured voile ribbon with a clasp and extender chain.

Lemur Lady has always been all about showcasing the fabrics that I find, and what better way than by literally framing them. Tiny little works of art. It's what they deserve, after all that time in the shoebox.

Pendant necklaces are available now from Lemur Lady's Awesome Emporium, for £7.25 each including postage. 


  1. Cute. I have tons of fabric japanese kokka style, owls, pandas, elephants all sorts cupcakes you name it i have it. I havn't got time to use it any more but do use it when i do craft events with guides or something like that for pocket mirrors.

    Lovely little necklaces

  2. The Kokka fabrics are perfect for this, aren't they? It's so nice to be able to make the fabric itself the centre of attention.

  3. I came over to your blog to have a nosy because you commented on mine and now I'm staying because you made me tiddle.


  4. Ah great idea! I have a box of scraps about 4x5cm wide, which is the difference in length between the side of a fat quarter and the size of strip I need to make my collars. I am determined that one day I will sew them together in some tinysquare quilt or something... this is a good idea!