Monday, 12 December 2011

Picnics will never be the same again.

Last week I made a resolution to myself to post a new blog entry every Monday. When I made this promise, I think I was probably overestimating both the fertility of my imagination and the excitement of my social life, as a week has now gone by and I haven't done anything worth blogging about.

Creativity-wise, I have spend the week pretty much chained to my sewing machine like some sort of cobbler's elf, working through a list of custom orders for lovely people who - for their sins - wish to buy items from me to give to their friends and family for Christmas. Which is trusting of them, and I appreciate it enormously.

Apart from a small aberration on Friday night where a cheese and wine party ended - for me - at 6.30am, some hours after the declaration "I'm not going home until we've drunk aaaall this port (hic)", nothing else of note has really happened.

So instead, I am going to steal from the Significant Otter's life, as he has been far more creative than me this week. Hope you don't mind, dearest...

This week he has been mostly making this:

For added value, if you look closely, it also says 'Bush' on it. Snigger.
It is a vintage record player box, with the innards removed, and replaced with a wonderful array of cocktail-making ingredients and equipment, complete with handmade-from-scratch leather straps and moulded leatherette cushioning. Nevermore shall we be at a picnic and face the embarrassment of not being able to provide a properly-mixed Negroni at a moment's notice. Gone are the days of drinking pre-mixed G&T's out of a plastic cup. At the drop of a perfectly brushed hat we can provide you with a vintage Babycham glass brimming with the tipple of your choice.

Of course, it weighs a metricfuckton and he hasn't worked out how to create an ice compartment, but I think you'll agree the Otter has outdone himself this time. 

Pour me a Manhattan, darling, and pass the mini quiches.


  1. That's a pretty impressive bit of engineering. The Significant Otter is welcome to come here and try transforming a few of our old bits & pieces into something useful.... Or just take them away to do in his own shed (more space here then - yessss!)

  2. Oooh, don't mention the 'Shed' word. We don't have room for one and I think he feels his life is incomplete...

  3. Ahaa, I spy a bottle of Hendricks in there, good choice lady, I'm very impressed with his creativity :) Well done Otter !!

  4. STUNNING! Lucky people, wow wow wow now just need some fabulous weather...

  5. Yup, Hendricks gin and Sipsmith Vodka. The things that look suspiciously like balsamic vinegar and olive oil are in fact red and white vermouth :D

  6. significantOtter31 January 2012 at 12:11

    Why can't I have a shed? I *need* a shed...