Thursday, 27 October 2011

Reader, I married him. Or 'How to do a wedding, the awesome way'

Part of the reason I so rarely update this blog is that I don't tend to do anything interesting enough to write about. That and I'm lazy. But recently I did what is probably the Most Interesting Thing I Have Ever Done.

I got married.

That makes it sound a little bit like it was an everyday spur of the moment thing, like deciding to have takeaway for tea or going to the pub or buying a two seater sports car on a three year hire purchase scheme because it looked cute and you felt sorry for it in the showroom. (The last one might only apply to us). But it wasn't, there was an 18 month engagement period during which we discussed all sorts of Important Wedding Questions like "What colour flowers should we have", "How many Doctor Who references is too many" and "Where should the Dinosaur Jager Ice Luge go?"

So now I have a lot to write about but unfortunately am still lazy. And have left it two weeks before writing anything so it's now all getting a bit vague. So here, in no particular order and more than anything as a reminder to myself in the future, are some of my favourite memories of the truly awesome day that I married my Significant Otter:

I'm actually a little bit jealous of my own bridesmaids
Observe the majesty. And try to ignore the fact that it looks a bit like a dog.
  • Getting up really early and then realising I had nothing to do until about twenty minutes before we were due to leave the house because a) I couldn't even touch my insanely white dress until I was ready to put it on and b) short hair is a helluva timesaver in these situations. 
  • My bridesmaids looking INCREDIBLE in their skull and crossed-swords dresses. Which apparently my Nan thought were flowers until most of the way through the day. Bless. 
  • My friend Vera reading from 'A Lovely Love Story' by Edward Monkton, but being so excited she forgot to use the dinosaur glove puppets (now there's a sentence you rarely see on wedding blogs).
  • The nervous giggles from the congregation as SO's sister started reading 'The Day The Saucers Came' by Neil Gaiman. 
  • Struggling to provide the photographer with at least one straight-faced photo of us signing the register as our friends began surprise-playing the theme from Baywatch on the ukelele. Shortly followed by 'It Must Be Love', during which the congregation began singing along and I felt like I was in a Richard Curtis movie, but in a good way, not a hideous mawkish Love Actually way. 
  • Coming down the steps from the town hall to see a horde of well dressed chaps smoking pipes. And having my hipflask thrust into my hands.
  • The dinosaur Jager ice luge. Everything about it. Seriously, if you're not married already and you get married one day, make sure there's an ice luge. I can't imagine how people manage without them. 
  • Walking in to the venue to discover not one but TWO surprise TARDISes that had been painstakingly made as a surprise for me. 
  • Cutting a cake that was flanked on either side by Battlecat and Panthor. 
  • My wonderful friend Pete singing a surprise song that he had written for me (well us, but, y'know, mostly me), as an ode to SO, entitled 'You're Better Than David Tennant'
  • A late night drunken mission into the nighttime streets of London after someone declaring that they had seen a Delorean parked around the block. It was gone by the time we got there. Reports of a spinning licence plate and smoking tyre marks may or may not be true.
  • A noble expedition across to the local supermarket to buy more tonic. Followed by another, shortly after, to secure more gin.
  • Homemade cakes making their way to the reception from all over London and beyond by any means possible, including clandestine drop-offs at service stations on the M4.
  • The incredible, awe-inspiring selflessness of so many people who helped on the day - catering, setting up the tables, washing up, and generally putting themselves out to a degree that I am still flabbergasted by and the warm fuzzy gratitude for which will stay with me forever.
Most importantly though, the day was full of so much laughter, joy and downright silliness that I would do it all again in a heartbeat. To the same man, obviously.

This is as serious as we managed to get. All day.


  1. Sounds like a total blast! What a wonderful way to celebrate your most special day. I love all that you posted about... something to remember for ever and ever.
    You looked stunning by the way!

  2. Thank you! It's chiefly a blog-used-as-self-indulgent-memory-aid but I'm glad it's nice to read too :)

  3. i only just thought to come and stalk your blog for details of your day! it all looks and sounds like it was utterly amazing! can't wait to see the plans for your first anniversary party ;)

  4. Congratulations, what a cool wedding and I love your bridesmaids' dresses!
    ~Jane x

  5. So I googled dinosaur vodka luge... And got this... YOUR WEDDING SOUNDS AWESOME

  6. Thankyou - it was! ;) And I am very please to make the acquaintance of anyone who spends their time googling 'dinosaur vodka luge'. Welcome!

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  8. Well...a Google search for 'dinosaur vodka luge' also brought me here some 6 and a bit years later. What an excellent bunch of ideas for your wedding day - I hope you've had a few more since :)

    1. Haha, amazing to hear this is still coming up on searches! Makes me think I must resurrect this blog. I hope you find your luge! - Lemur Lady (it's been so long my own blog doesn't recognise me!)